Puffs Cast
  • The Fall Play Puffs Parallels and Parodies Potter

    November 10-12,2022

    Sayville High School’s Fall Play Puffs (or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic by playwright Matt Cox), presented by the Sayville Players under the direction of Faculty Advisor Mr. Doug Shaw, was a nuanced parody for Potterheads!  However, you didn’t have to be steeped in Harry Potter lore to enjoy both the premise and the acting that transformed the stage in the Little Theatre.

    Puffs follows the life of an ordinary orphaned boy, Wayne Rogers, living with his Uncle Dave in New Mexico. On the momentous day he receives a message by owl, Wayne suddenly discovers his connection to England, Magic, and a Certain School.  Immediately, he is whisked to uncharted territories of enchantment, and so begins his seven years of magic in the much down-played House of Hufflepuff.

    The entire Sayville Players cast and crew (see program) embraced their roles with talent and enthusiasm—a magical combination—to convey the wizardry, wit, and woes of a uniquely different story that only parallels the Harry Potter epic.

     And…"Guys. Guess what? YOU’RE ALL WIZARDS"...to your Sayville audiences. Bravo!

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Sayville Players Cast

Sayville Playes PUFFS cast