• November 17 - 19, 2022

    Sayville Middle School’s Musical Production of Disney’s Frozen Jr. Thawed Hearts

     (to the tune of Do You Want to Build a Snowman)

    Do you wanna build a musical?

    Ask the Music Department how.

    Sayville does it well, you can tell,

    At the curtain bow!

    Frozen entertained!

    Such talent was on display…

    Do you wanna love a musical?

    (We’re talking the Middle School musical)

    Disney’s Frozen, Jr. was… just wow!

    In 2013, Disney magic transformed the old Scandinavian folktale of the Ice Queen, retold by Hans Christian Andersen, into a blockbuster movie. In 2018, Frozen premiered on Broadway, and now, with Disney’s Frozen, Jr., the production has appeared on local stages.

    This year, Sayville Middle School’s musical, Disney’s Frozen, Jr., presented by the Sayville Music Department, was awhirl with talented singers and dancers in an impressive stage setting. For sixty minutes, audiences were whisked away to the wintry Kingdom of Arendelle. 

    Central to the story are sisters Elsa and Anna, who must resolve worldly and otherworldly challenges as they discover the most powerful magic of all—the unbreakable bond between sisters.  “For the first time in forever” (or since last year’s musical Into the Woods, Jr.), Sayville Middle School’s musical leading actors were twins—Samara and Eliana Lee! Both young ladies played their parts convincingly, but their powerful solos and duets (For the First Time in Forever and Let It Go) were spine-tingling performances that thrilled the Middle School audiences.

    Throughout the production, key scenes showcased the students’ talents: Chase Graff as Hans and Matthew DeGraff as Kristoff shared memorable musical moments with Anna (Love is an Open Door) and with Sven (Reindeer are Better than People); Young Elsa (Elaine Ma) and Young Anna (Bridget Spreckels) were engaging in A Little Bit of You, then heartbreaking in Do You Want to be A Snowman? The comedic antics of Olaf (Zachary Sanges) and Sven (Lexi Lopresti) were fun to watch, but especially In Summer and Fixer Upper. The supportive ensemble (see program) were remarkable for their excellent singing, delightful dancing and for providing a lively atmosphere for each scene. The stage would have been “a cold wind blowing on the mountain” without them.

    As always, Director/Choreographer Kim Dufrenoy, Vocal Director Fred Diekmann, and Producer/Lighting Director Ari Kramer and lighting crew , Sound Director Kate Reid, as well as Set Construction Director Chris Kenyon, along with production staff, dance captains, and costume-props managers offered tremendous amounts of their time and their enormous talents—including patience—to ensure that our Middle School performers not only sparkled on stage, but Let the Sun Shine On with this heartwarming production.

Frozen Saybill (performance program)

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