Signing Day for Division I and Division II Play

Sayville Athletes Signing

Sayville Athletes Signing for Division I and II Play

  • November 22, 2022

    Congratulations to the following remarkable Sayville athletes for their outstanding achievements in their respective sports:

    Sarah Blaskiewicz-Softball—UConn/Division I

    Ronan Fitzpatrick-Mens Lacrosse—Towson University/Division I

    Braden McNamara-Mens Lacrosse—Queens University, Charlotte NC/Division I

    Olivia Redden-Womens Lacrosse—Jacksonville/Division I

    Taylor Hoss-Womens Lacrosse—Johns Hopkins/Division I

    Anna Meserve-Womens Lacrosse—Southern Connecticut State/Division II

    Emma Haas-Swimming—Sacred Heart University/Division I

    Jordan Carpentieri-Swimming—American University/Division I

    Ryan Hillery-Baseball—St Thomas Aquinas/Division II

    Kristian Kent-Mens Lacrosse—Florida Southern/Division II

    With Administrators

    (photo left to right) Back Row: Sayville High School Principal Ron Hoffer, BOE Trustee Kelly Sack, Sayville High School Assistant Principal Stephanie Bricker, Ryan Hillery, Kristian Kent, Braden McNamara, Ronan Fitzpatrick, Sayville Superintendent of Schools Dr. Marc Ferris, Sayville High School Assistant Principal Sabine Loriston, Sayville Athletic Director Dr. Ryan Cox; Front Row: Sayville Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Dr. Christine Criscione, Anna Merserve, Jordan Carpentieri, Olivia Redden, Emma Haas, Taylor Hoss, and BOE President John Verdone. (Not present fo photo Sarah Blaskiewicz.)