• December 14, 2022

    At Cherry Avenue elementary school, students in second through fifth grades can participate in the coding unit offered during their library classes.  The Coding unit provides these students with age-appropriate instructions beginning with the basics and allowing them to develop skills at their own pace.  

    No matter what the age, they are “encouraged to run with it—OYO style, as we say in class,” Cherry Avenue Teacher-Librarian Alison Cascarelli explained. “OYO stands for On Your Own.”  While the teacher-librarian is present for basic questions and support during the unit, often the students quickly surpass the coding skills of the instructor.

    “Cherry Avenue Fifth grader, Brody Frenz, is one of those students!” Mrs. Cascarelli shared her amazement. “To grow as coders, the children work on Badges and take Courses to teach different skills on a variety of coding platforms.  Brody currently has 161 badges, which is the highest ever for a Cherry Avenue student.  Just for fun, using some of the skills he has learned, Brody recently created an amazing Countdown to Christmas.  I think what I like best about this, is that he has taken all of the things he has learned over the past years, and created something unique all on his own or, as we say, during library coding classes... OYO!”

    Hit the "space bar" in the above image to enjoy the clever Christmas Countdown!