• "On December 8th, the World Languages Honor Society was thrilled to welcome forty-five new members during its annual induction ceremony," announced World Languages Chairperson Christine Richter. "The evening was quite a success." While parents and guardians filed into the Senior Lounge  for the World Languages 2022-2023 Induction Ceremony, the Sayille High School Quartet performed beautiful music. After, there were remarks from president Sara Jaklitsch and vice president Paige Weber. This was followed by the inductees reciting the honor code. "Co-advisors Mr. Nani and Ms. Ranzino are so proud of the work that these members have done and are looking forward to a year of cultural activities and community outreach.  Félicitations and felicidades to our new members!"

World Languages Honor Society Inductees

  • Congratulations to the following:

    Babcock, Quinn                  Dowling, Liam               Lundquist, Luke           

    Balsamo, Mia                       Doxsee, Elodie              Mansfield, Caleigh 

    Bickerton, Lia                      Doyle, Colleen              Maslak, Elle 

    Burke, Alessandra             Doyle, Robert                McGinnis, Neeve 

    Caiazzo, Gia                         Entenberg, Ethan         Meyers, Brendan          

    Calicchio, Giovanna          Erickson, James           Miller, James 

    Carpentieri, Jordan           Feather, Shannon        Minutello, Zakary 

    Collins, Skyler                     Holt, Ella                        Nelson, Sadie 

    Corcoran, Courtney          Keehner, Michael      Neugebauer, Jackson 

    Corcoran, Lily                     Keiley, Grace                 Ricevuto, Kyla 

    Dean-Stahl, Emma             Laterza, Michael           Santana, Mia 

    Desiderio, OIivia                 Law, Emma                   Schutte, Caitlyn 

    DeVerna, Harper                 Lazarus, Avery              Talbot, James 

    DeVito, Angelina                Leigh-Manuell, Kate    Twaite, Camden 

    Diaz, Kayla                           Lorenzo, Sophia           Watters, Emily