• February 16, 2023


    For their second meeting on February 15, Ms. Michaelson and Mr. Anzalone took a different approach to their Pause and Connect homeroom. The new initiative at Sayville High School aims to foster a healthy and positive culture throughout the school by building upon the strong bonds between students and staff as well as strengthening peer-to-peer relationships.


    In Ms. Michaelson’s and Mr. Anzalone’s homeroom, the students were asked to name their favorite homemade dish. The tenth graders named dishes such as their “dad’s chicken parmesan” or “grandma’s fish tacos” and discussed different dishes with their classmates. Ms. Michaelson and Mr. Anzalone closed the discussion by sharing their favorite homemade dish, dark chocolate fudge brownies, and surprised the students with the opportunity to make them.


    Students jumped out of their seats and headed to the kitchen where they made brownies together, and after, in the homeroom, enjoyed the delicious treats!