• Middle school teachers Mrs. Loscalzo and Mr. Goodman have developed a hands-on S.T.E.M. activity that allows students to learn about a new topic, biomimicry.


    Biomimicry is when engineers borrow inspiration from the natural world.


    The students are introduced to the topic by exploring past knowledge and discussing real world applications of biomimicry. Mrs. Loscalzo engaged with the students about how science and technology can solve difficult problems and advance our knowledge and discovery. They are then challenged to solve their own problem on the spot. All of the students are guided through the process of assembling part of a robotic hand. 


    They are then asked to complete the hand on their own with a variety of provided materials. Once they have completed their design, they have to test it out, trying to safely lift and place different sized, shaped, and textured specimens. The students discover the solution for one specimen might not work on another. This gives them the opportunity to refine and change their design.


    Mr. Goodman encouraged the students to try different solutions as there are many correct answers when engineering. Each of the elementary schools takes turns coming to the middle school for their hands-on S.T.E.M. lesson. The attached photos are from a recent visit by Lincoln Avenue students. In addition to the S.T.E.M. instruction, Mr. Daleo also provided an astronomy activity. 


    The students were able to leave the event with a working robotic hand and a curiosity for innovation.