• High School Hosts First Multicultural Festival

    On Monday, March 6, Sayville High School hosted the first district-wide Multicultural Festival. The event featured volunteers from the community who set up booths to educate attendees about their respective countries. 

    Upon arrival, visitors received a “passport” that they could use to collect stamps from the various booths. 


    The inaugural event explored different cultures through music, art, and language, corresponding with the districts' S.T.R.I.D.E.S. characteristic, diversity.  Participating student groups included Art Club, AP Art History, National Art Honor Society, the High School Music Department, the World Languages Honor Society and World Languages Students. 


    Throughout the night, musical performances took place in the Senior Lounge that recognized music from different countries, such as France, Poland, Italy, Spain, and Brazil. 


    Many of the booths featured traditional food from their respective countries as well as decorations. 


    Attendees were able to leave the event feeling as if they had traveled the globe in less than two hours and experienced the culture of 20 countries! The district looks forward to growing the event each year.