• This weekend twenty-nine students from the Sayville School District will participate in the annual SCMEA All-County Festival. The SCMEA, or Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association, festival is a series of concerts that includes musicians in fifth through tenth grade throughout Suffolk County. 

    Students selected to participate are chosen from nomination lists submitted by music educators. According to SCMEA, over 7,000 students are nominated with approximately 2,800 students selected to participate. 

    On behalf of the Sayville School District, congratulations to the selected students! 


    The selected students were:

    Emily Swift

    Katherine Thiakodemitris

    Alana Bambace

    Maegan Fee

    Millie Valenti

    Matisse Loupy

    Bridget Spreckels

    Ava McEvoy

    Brian Licitra

    Zach Sanges

    Sarah Robayo 

    Chase Graff

    Elise Minerva

    Haley D’Ambrosio

    Alec Robayo

    Ella Trama

    Annabella Hart

    Emma Burns

    William Mitchell

    William Blanco

    Cooper Gavin

    Cameron Dyckova

    Riley Chirico

    Brayden Rothstein

    Kathryn VanBoxel

    Ava Helbock

    Christopher Costa

    Cian Murphy

    Olive Routh