• March 2023


    Students in Melinda Moran's fourth grade class at Cherry Avenue explored circuits in a magical way. While learning about circuits and electrical energy, students created "magical wands" using the idea of simple circuits.  


    A simple circuit is a device that can move the flow of electricity through itself to power other devices. Every complete circuit must have a power supply. The power supply could be a battery, which is what Ms. Moran's class used. Students needed to strip wires, so they could act as conductors of electricity and allow the flow from the battery at the bottom of the wand to the bulb at the tip of their wands. 

    The class worked with partners to each create their very own electrical wand, needing to test and redesign their wands to ensure a complete circuit was made. Tying in the works of J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series, the students had fun making their very own wand. There were lots of shouts of  “Expecto Patronum” and “Wingardium Leviosa” but luckily, Ms. Moran remained a human teacher and did not transform into anything that day, except a very proud teacher.