• March 14 has long been regarded as “Pi Day” in honor of the date, 3/14, that mirrors the beginning of the never-ending mathematical constant. This past “Pi Day”, the Sayville High School Senior Class held a “Pi(e) in Your Face” event that raised over three hundred dollars for the grade.

    Over twenty teachers and administrators participated in the event that took place during tenth period on March 14. Students paid either $1 for the chance to pie a teacher or $10 to guarantee a spot to pie a staff member. At the end of the event, teachers were able to pay to pie a senior-class volunteer in the face. The seniors who were pied were Class President Bobby Zane, Jake Engle, Sarah Blaskiewicz, Michael Milo and Dom Lettieri. 

    Senior class advisors Kelly Lawrence and Kaitlin Shore said that many more kids attended the event than they anticipated with the cafeteria nearly full of kids and teachers trying to get a good view. 

    “We hope that this can become a tradition at Sayville High School and something that continues to grow every year,” Lawrence and Shore said. 

    Below is a list of all of the teachers and administrators who participated in the event.


    Chris SurruscoCaitlin Morrell
    Heather Methven
    Kaitlin Shore
    Kelly Lawrence
    Laurie Skahill
    Dawn Thelian
    Brooke Mattimore
    Adam Sznitken
    Kaytie Ferremi
    Zach Gallo
    Jonathan Hart
    Jim Iorio
    Mike Guercio
    Reade Sands
    Christine Murfitt
    Melissa Dreyer
    Ron Hoffer
    Matt Nani
    Mike Pace
    Adam Brown