• March 2023  

     On March 16 and 17, Sayville Schools celebrated “Choose to Include Day,” an initiative run by the Special Olympics that encourages children and adults to think about why it is essential that all people are respected, acknowledged, and valued.


    The events were organized and run by the Youth Activation Committee assisted by Ashley Monastero, Caitlin Morrell and Kaitlyn Walsh and Peer Leaders Clubs assisted by Jessica Ciardullo and Anthony Calabrese.  


    It began on March 16 when Sayville High School celebrated “Choose to Include Day” by having students and staff fill out cards making a pledge about why they “choose to include” all people. Then, on March 17, members of the Youth Activation Committee and Peer Leaders visited the elementary and middle school students during their lunch periods. They led informal conversations and discussions about why it is important to include all people. In spreading a message of inclusivity, the students encouraged the younger children to think about why it is important to include others in school and the community. The younger students also filled out cards about why they “choose to include” and made a pledge to include all. 


    The attached video below was created to highlight the special day