• April 2023 

    On Tuesday, April 18, the high school’s Chorale was visited by special guest Dr. David Fryling. Composed of students from tenth to twelfth grade, Chorale is a high-level ensemble that all students in chorus must audition to be a part of. 

    Teacher Karen DiMartino said that she invited Dr. Fryling to visit the class because she wanted her students to use his creativity to enhance their performances at upcoming concerts. 

    "The students loved working with Dr. Fryling,” DiMartino said. “They felt that he really made them think about the why behind the music rather than just notes and rhythms. They all wished they had more time with him!”

    Dr. David Fryling is the Director of Choral Studies at Hofstra University, DiMartino’s alma mater. He is the President of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) and the founder of eVoco Voice Collective, a nonprofit organization of singers of the highest musical, technical, and expressive abilities.