• May 19, 2023

    Earlier this month, on May 3, two K-9 officers from the Suffolk County Police Department visited the high school to meet with Alisa Kremer’s Animal Psychology class and Adriana LoCicero’s Forensics class. 

    Mrs. Kremer said that her students are learning about animal intelligence and emotions and she wanted them to see how the officers train their K-9 dogs and how the dog and human work as a team. 

    The two officers demonstrated how their dogs would find evidence in the field as well as the various commands the dogs know. 

    The officers answered questions from the students about their relationship with their dog as well as well as what scenarios the dogs are utilized in. 

    The demonstration concluded with the officers showing off their dogs' speed when they needed to run after a perpetrator. 

    “Animals help humans in a variety of ways, and this is just one way they do it,” Mrs. Kremer said.