• May 24, 2023


    Congratulations to the Sayville High School students who were inducted into the Tri-M Music National Honor Society on Monday, May 22.

    The Tri-M Music Honor Society is a program of the National Association for Music Educators (NafME), which focuses on creating future leaders in music education and music advocacy. 

    In order to be inducted into Sayville High School’s chapter of Tri-M, students must have at least an 85 GPA overall, a 90 GPA in music classes, perform in at least one recital each year, earn twenty hours of service credit and be outstanding musicians. 

    During the ceremony, the Class of 2023 Officers passed on their positions to the Class of 2024 Officers. Class of 2023 President Riley Lapine will be succeeded by Harper DeVerna. Class of 2023 Vice President will be succeeded by Sienna Turner. Class of 2023 Treasurer Maya Guacci will be succeeded by Meredith Albertelli. Guacci also served as the Class of 2023 Secretary and will be succeeded by Katerina Michaelides and Kathryn VanBoxel. Class of 2023 Historian Lauren Minasian will be succeeded by Vincent Fontanetta and Dario Jaimes. Class of 2023 Publicist Harper DeVerna will be succeeded by Nadia Moosa. 

     New Members/Inductees

    Daniel Blanco

    Emma Burns

    Nicholas Cook-Coleman

    Richard Fontanetta

    Ava Helbock

    Owen Hinteman

    Michael Keehner

    Amelia Leo 

    Grace Motl

    James Regan 

    Henry Reiss

    Ella Ryan

    Julia Sack 


    Current Members

    Dori Ahlgrim

    Meredith Albertelli

    Sophia Bertsch

    Christian Buono

    Alessandra Burke

    Skyler Collins

    Christopher Costa

    Haley D'Ambrosio 

    Allison DePietto

    Robert Desjardins

    Asher DeVerna

    Harper DeVerna

    Tayor DiMenna

    Elodie Doxsee 

    Andrew Faraci

    Benjamin Flaumenhaft

    Vincent Fontanetta

    Maya Guacci

    Emily Helbock 

    Dario Jaimes

    Amanda Kleinman

    Riley Lapine 

    Dominic Lewis 

    Maia Ludwig

    Luke Lundquist

    Jake Maksimiak

    Brandan Mazzullo

    Grace McCavanagh

    Molly McGinnis

    Evan McGlinchey

    Katerina Michaelides

    Lauren Minasian

    Nadia Moosa

    Abigail Noack

    Jayliani Perez

    Michael Pitre

    Adriana Savino 

    Robert Sinacori

    Clare Smith

    Reid Smith

    Emma Tassino

    Sienna Turner

    Camden Twaite

    Kathryn VanBoxel

    Paige Weber

    Amelia Wells