First Annual Jeyson Reyes Memorial Scholarship Presented to High School Senior

  • Timari Jackson wins scholarship

    Scholarship winner Timari Jackson is flanked by Jeyson's mother on the left and his mother on the right. 

    May 31, 2023

    On Wednesday May 24, Sayville High School senior Timari Jackson walked into Principal Ron Hoffers' office after he had been called down from class.

    What Timari didn’t know was that inside Mr. Hoffer’s office were members of his family and Jeyson Reyes’ family who were there to surprise him for winning the first annual Jeyson Reyes’ Memorial Scholarship. 

    Jeyson Reyes passed away in 2021 at the age of sixteen and would have been a member of Sayville’s graduating class of 2023. 

    “Jeyson was uncommon in all the best ways; imbued with a pure and beautiful heart, he lived with a fearless kindness,” notes the intro to his memorial scholarship application. “He was famously generous and compassionate to others and a friend to the marginalized and misunderstood. Jeyson had a unique way of bringing out the best in everyone he met.  School was not easy for Jeyson, yet that never kept him from caring about others and being a positive and impactful person in the world. This award will highlight other students that embody these virtues and reinforce the importance of being a good human.”

    The Jeyson Reyes Memorial Scholarship winner is awarded $5,000 and must be someone who “always tries their best, even when it is hard and despite learning struggles.” In addition, the student “must be kind and caring to classmates and often develop close bonds with teachers,” the application stated.

    Jeyson’s mother, Jonneigh Adrion, said that after reviewing all of the applications for the scholarship it was “no question” that Timari would be the recipient. 

    At the surprise meeting in Mr. Hoffer’s office, Jonneigh gave Timari a $5,000 check for winning the scholarship along with photos of Jeyson and Tamari together as children. Jeyson’s aunt and cousins were also on hand at the special occasion, as well as Timari’s mother and siblings. 

    In the fall, Timari will be headed to Buffalo State College where he will be playing football. 


    Timari Jackson receives scholarship