Lincoln Avenue Class of 2023 Broadens Their Horizons

  • Lincoln Avenue moving up Ceremony

    June 22, 2023

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    Congratulations to the Lincoln Avenue Class of 2023 who, on Wednesday, June 21, had their moving up ceremony at the Old Junior High on Greene Avenue!

    Lincoln Avenue Interim Principal Scott Bullis encouraged the soon-to-be sixth graders to broaden their horizons at the middle school. 

    “As you move on to middle school, we ask you guys to try new things, try new clubs, new sports, meet new friends from Cherry Avenue and Sunrise Drive as a whole new world is before you but always hold onto your Lincoln Avenue memories and Lincoln Avenue friends,” Mr. Bullis told the students.

    The fifth grade chorus performed an amazing rendition of “Watch As We Walk On Our Way” and the fifth grade class performed “The World’s Greatest Elementary School”, which the class also wrote. 

    Mr. Bullis closed his remarks with an inspirational quote from Ellen Degeneres.

    “Follow your passion. Stay true to yourself and never ever follow someone else’s path; unless you’re lost in the woods and can’t find your way out, then follow that path,” Mr. Bullis told the students with a laugh.


Award Recipients

  • Congratulations to the following students who were presented with awards during the moving up ceremony:

    NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Awards- Emma Lochner, Annelise Kitz

    NY Attorney General Triple C Awards- Avery Wade, Christopher Larkin

    Suffolk County Legislature Character Excellence Award- Carter Alcabes

    PTA Scholarship Winners - Logan Picken, Divya Navi, Joey Cipriano, Sunday Shaw, Holly Cunningham, Maegan Fee, Andrew Wittman, Cameron Senatore, Zachariah Joseph, Luke Portanova, Zac Marandino, Annelise Kitz

    Presidential Academic Gold Awards - Rosalie Parisi, Emma Lochner, Avery Wade, Samuel Gates, Luke Portanova, Chloe Farrish, Liam McCoy, Joel Ajil, Griffin Shivers, Maegan Fee, Zachariah Joseph, Carter Alcabes, Austin Schutte, Zacahary Marandino, Scarlett Trainor, James Bocchimuzzo

    Presidential Academic Silver Awards - Asher McLaughlan, Jackson DiMango, Finn Walsh, Aislin Ring, Annelise Kitz, Owen Monahan, Christopher Larkin, Holly Cunningham, Bennett Walther

    Erin Halliday-Duffy Scholarship Award Winners - Avery Wade, Austin Schutte, Annelise Kitz, Ava Menechino, Audery Leo



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