Happy First Day of School!


    Four Lincoln Avenue students on the first day of school 2023.

    September 7, 2023

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    Sayville Public Schools students returned to the classroom on Thursday September 7, for their first day of the 2023-2024 school year.

    Despite the hot temperatures, students returned ready to learn with smiles on their faces.



    Today marked our first day of school and it was a GREAT success!  The energy was palpable at every building as our students poured in from all over Sayville.

    Was it hot outside?  YES, VERY HOT!!!   Did it melt our excitement about seeing your children?  NO WAY!!!!!!!  Our students are now safe and sound inside their classrooms, getting to know their teachers and preparing for a wonderful school year focused on CARING and LEARNING!!!!

    Our elementary students were greeted by their favorite mascots, smiling teachers, and very excited principals.  At the secondary level, students greeted each other, their teachers, and principals with warm smiles, a few waves, and the all too familiar head nods that we are accustomed to from our teenage pupils.

    I want to take a moment to thank and recognize all of our staff members, teachers, aides, monitors, nurses, clericals, security guards, and computer technicians who worked tirelessly to prepare for and welcome our students with such dedication and enthusiasm. THANK YOU!!To our Sayville families, THANK YOU for your support and for allowing us the opportunity to work with your children. I wish all of you a wonderful start to the new school year!! 

Seeing Double

  • The eleven sets of twins in Sayville High School's senior class of 2024.

    This year's Senior Class boasts eleven sets of twins!

    The twins from the Sayville High School Class of 2024 are:


    Daniel and Joseph Blanco
    Abigail and Charles Breen
    John and Sophia Criscuola
    Angelina and Thomas DeVito
    Lindsay and Thomas DiMenna
    Colleen and Robert Doyle
    Isabella and Olivia Gerena
    Caleigh and Elizabeth Mansfield
    Eilise and James Marino
    Aiden and Ella Mesi
    Aislinn and Erin Parrott