• September 19, 2023

    High school students had the opportunity to learn more about the school’s clubs and groups during the annual Club Expo held from September 12 through 14. 

    The Expo, sponsored by the Student Government, ran during all four lunch (periods 4 through 7) periods and allowed students to speak with representatives from each high school club. Over the summer, the presidents of each club met at the high school to prepare for the Expo and paint the cafe glass with the names and logos of all of the clubs and organizations. 

    There was a great deal of interest in the Club Expo and by the end, each club had a sign-up sheet filled with names of new members.

    The event was a big success and gave students, especially underclassmen, an excellent opportunity to learn more about the schools’ clubs and student organizations.  

    Beginning this week, all clubs will be holding their first meetings.