• October 5, 2023

    On Friday September 29th, motivational speaker Rohan Murphy visited Sayville Middle School to offer his personal story and his message “No Excuses” to the entire student body. 

    Murphy, who lost his legs at birth, shared his story of perseverance and his willingness to not just be good, but to be great in all aspects of life. 

    He spoke about how his middle school physical education teacher helped him see his true potential and how his wrestling coaches helped him succeed on the wrestling mat, in the classroom, and in everyday life. 

    Middle school staff said the students were amazed, and enjoyed listening to Murphy’s message and watching him demonstrate his physical strength and agility. 

    Murphy is an incredible and inspirational person who inserted some positive energy into the halls of Sayville Middle School on a rainy Friday Morning. 

    Thanks again Rohan for being with us at Sayville Middle School!