Fall Pep Rally 2023

  • The Sayville High School Band performed at the Fall Pep Rally.

    October 19, 2023

    To see ALL of the photos from the Pep Rally click here. 

    On Friday, October 13, Sayville High School rounded out their annual Spirit Week with the Fall Pep Rally in the gymnasium. 

    Students were welcomed into the gymnasium by the high school band who played upbeat tunes. The band all wore green shirts in support of the Farmingdale Music Department. 

    Before the festivities began, high school student Brandan Mazzullo performed the National Anthem on the saxophone for the gathered crowd.


Team Entrances

  • The Sayville Varsity Football Team.

    Each Fall Sports team was announced and ran into the auditorium to thunderous applause. Some teams made a lap around the gymnasium while others danced and performed for the student body before sitting down. After all of the entrances the Cheerleading Team performed a fantastic routine for the crowd.

Skits & Homecoming Court

  • 2023 Homecoming Court.

    Due to the weather forecast for Saturday, the grade level skits and homecoming court announcements were also held during the Pep Rally. This year’s theme was countries. The freshman represented France, the sophomores represented Italy, the juniors represented England and the seniors represented the United States. Due to the cancellation of the parade the art pieces that would normally be on the float were used as the background and props for the skits. 

    First up with their skit, was the Freshman Class who wowed the crowd with their Eiffel Tower float piece and choreographed dance. Jake O’Malley was named the Freshman Homecoming King and Caroline Folks was named the Freshman Homecoming Queen. 

    Next up was the Sophomore Class who represented Italy. The Sophomores performed their skit with float pieces that created a pizza restaurant as well as the Italian flag. Brody Tellier was named the Sophomore Homecoming King and Stella O’Shea was named the Sophomore Homecoming Queen. 

    After the Sophomores came the Juniors who represented England and created an iconic English telephone booth as one of their float pieces. The Juniors took the crowd through a journey of music in the U.K. from the 60s to the present day. Joseph Zeh was named the Juniors Homecoming King and Liz McCabe was named the Juniors Homecoming Queen. 

    Finally, last but not least came the Seniors who represented the United States. For their float pieces the Senior Class created a replica boat like the one George Washington used to cross the Delaware River as well as giant U.S.A. letters. The Seniors performed their skit to American music throughout the years and demonstrated the country's ability to bounce back from adversity. 

    Maddie Garcia was named the Senior Dutchess, Luke Hansen was named the Senior Duke, Vinny Pasquale was named the Senior Jester, Andrew Faraci was named the Senior King and Sydney Squicciarini was named the Senior Class Queen. 

    The Student Government planned, organized, and executed Spirit Week, the first ever Homecoming Dance, float building as well as the Pep Rally. 

    Student Government Advisor Ms. Katherine VanDorn noted that “the student body was excited and enthusiastic throughout the week.”

    The final order of the classes after the Pep Rally was as follows:

    1st Seniors

    2nd Juniors

    3rd Freshmen

    4th Sophomores


Tug of War

  • 2023 Pep Rally Tug of War Contest

    After the skits it was time for the annual Tug of War contest between members of the Senior Class and selected teachers. The Seniors who participated included Aiden and Ella Mesi, Ethan Entenberg, Owen Hinteman, Kevin Scheibe, Michael Kheenar, Courtney Corcoran, Sophia Montalto, Lindsay Dimmena, Matthew Zane, and Ava Rueb. 

    The participating teachers included Mr. Hammer, Mr. Vogel, Mrs. Walsh Ahrens, Mrs. Sohl, Mrs. Dryer, Mrs. Nicosia, Mr. Hart, Mr. Bannon, Mr. Gallo, and Mr. Sands. 

    The teachers were able to pull out a decisive victory against the Seniors.


The Game

  • Sayville Varsity football.

    The Golden Flashes defeated Westhampton 19-18 in a thrilling homecoming game on Saturday, October 14.