Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrated at Elementary Schools

  • October 25, 2023

    Every year, Hispanic Heritage Month is traditionally celebrated from September 15 to October 15.

    At Sayville Public Schools, however, the elementary schools have been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month since the start of the school year.

    Below are descriptions and photos of the amazing activities our elementary students have been participating in with Mrs. Kristin Chirichella, the Elementary World Languages teacher for the L.A.C.E.S. (Language and Culture at the Elementary Schools) Program.


  • This year, Kindergarten students are learning Spanish with Mrs. Chirichella all year long!

    Students have already learned how to say their name and how to ask how someone is all in ESPAÑOL!

    To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month students learned about Spanish-speaking countries around the world, traditional dances and made Spanish flags.

Cherry Avenue Kindergarteners

Cherry Avenue Kindergarteners celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Lincoln Avenue Kindergarteners

Lincoln Avenue Kindergarteners Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Third Grade

  • The third graders in the district may be in their first year learning Spanish and being a World Language Learner but they can say a lot in Spanish already!

    To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, students discussed their heritage and what they are proud of. In addition, students learned where Spanish is spoken and played games using those countries. Students even got bookmarks to celebrate the occasion and hope to explore some new “libros” (books) in Spanish both on their own and with Señora Chirichella.

    Mrs. Chirichella has also been watching videos with classes on famous artists and musicians and spoken about famous Hispanic athletes, artists, actors, and authors.

Fifth Grade

  • The fifth graders in the district are continuing on their world language adventure and have discussed many things for Hispanic Heritage Month.

    Students have focused on art and learned about Frida Kahlo. Mrs. Chirichella said that she and the students made a bulletin board with “alas” (wings) and learned a famous Frida Kahlo saying that translates to, “Feet what do I need you for, when I have wings to fly?”

    Each wing had the students' name, a flag of a Spanish-speaking country and a drawing of something special that represented the student.

    Fifth graders also listened to music by many Hispanic artists and had a Spanish dance party!