VEI Students Attend Leadership Conference

  • VEI Students Attend Leadership Conference

    November 3, 2023

    On October 27, Virtual Enterprises International Students attended the Long Island Leadership Conference where student executives from 70 schools across Long Island gathered to learn about and explore key leadership characteristics alongside mentor-leaders in their fields. 

    C-Suite members from each of Sayville’s three firms were in attendance. 

    Discussions around emotional intelligence, leadership, and effective problem solving, along with the networking opportunities, made for an exciting kick off to the Long Island VE school year. 

    Students and firms are now preparing for their Long Island trade show at LIU in January!

    VEI Students Attend Leadership Conference

    Virtual Enterprise International is a course that allows students to experience, in a simulated business environment, every aspect of a business, including human resources, accounting, production, distribution, and marketing and sales. This workplace simulation class enables students to understand how managers, employees, workgroup teams, and departments interact with each other and work together for the success of the company. The Virtual Enterprise class allows students to experience all the facets of being an employee in a simulated business setting. They are involved in every aspect of the business including human resources, accounting, product development, production, distribution, marketing and sales. Students engage in virtual trading with 3,000 other virtual firms throughout the world. This course also provides students with hands-on-skills for life-long employability, up-to-date technical and supportive resources and inclusion of technology into all business courses, opportunities for real world application of student’s skills, and coordination and integration with other academic areas.