• November 27, 2023 

    On Friday, November 17, Sayville High School’s Leadership Club hosted students from Wyandanch High School for an Ambassador Exchange Program. 

    The program aimed to bring students from the two districts together and featured a welcome breakfast, speed chatting and an exciting field day in the gym. Students from Wyandanch attended sociology, sports analytics, band, orchestra, and ceramics classes with the Sayville students. In addition, students in Sayville’s Leadership Club all contributed food for a Thanksgiving-themed lunch at the end of the visit. 

    In the spring, Wyandanch Memorial High School will host students from Sayville.  

    “Building bridges is essential to provide a deep understanding of culture,” said Wyandanch High School Principal Mr. Paul Sibblies. “This has been one of the most anticipated events for both schools.”