• Parent Information

    Dear Parents,

    Our children are our community’s most valuable asset. They represent the bright future of our country. Our children are also the most vulnerable members of our society. As a school community, we must look for ways to protect them in all areas of their lives. Computer technology has become one of these areas. Unfortunately the same advances in computer and telecommunication technology that allow our children to reach out to new sources of knowledge and cultural experiences are also leaving them vulnerable to being exposed to dangers as they hit the road exploring the information highway.

    At school various measures are in place to protect our students from inappropriate sites. While the District recognizes no filtering technology can guarantee that students will be prevented from accessing inappropriate locations, teacher supervision is provided on such occasions.  In order to provide a similarly secure environment at home, please visit the links provided for you at the left to see Internet safety tips that can be implemented at home. We encourage parents to actively participate in the learning experiences that the resources of the Internet will enhance for your child. Teaching them at home how to be safe is a part of that experience.

    Thank you,

    Instructional Technology Department