Club Fair at HS

  • Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

    HS Student Government Launches Club Fair


    In late August before the school year began, members of Sayville High School Student Government had invited representatives from each class for a special project: to decorate the cafeteria windows for the opening of school. While enjoying breakfast and their favorite music, the students painted themes that displayed the numerous extracurricular clubs and offerings. Not only would the colorful windows welcome the returning students, they would also serve to pitch—in pictures—the variety of High School clubs and extracurricular opportunities. The hope was that the students would sign up for these activities during Club Fair Week if they understood what each club entailed.


    “The windows really looked great,” explained advisor Katherine Van Dorn, who complimented “the creativity and artistic talent of our students” 


    Each day during the Student Government Club Fair Week, officers or representatives from the clubs spent time at every lunch period, seated behind tables that had been prepared with sign-up information  and literature about each club and class, along with meeting dates, planned events, and give-a-ways, hoping to draw in new members. Giving students the opportunity to preview and talk with students in the clubs resulted in many new enlistments.


    “Mike Castagna is the president of Student Government,” Ms Van Dorn  “and he organized all of it.  It was such a huge success, we’ll be sure to do it again next year!”