Sunrise Drive Moving Up


    It was a lovely send-off and a new celebratory tradition. All the elementary students waited outside their classrooms and applauded the Fifth-graders as they walked through the halls one last time to their Moving-Up ceremony in the Cafetorium.

    Once assembled before family and friends, the Moving-Up class opened with the traditional singing of Sunrise Drive You Are the One, composed and directed by Mrs. Amy Baron. In addition, Mrs. Baron directed the students in two musical selections Unwritten and a piece that held special significance You Will be Found from the Tony-Award winning musical Dear Evan Hansen.

    Completing his first school year as Sunrise Drive Principal, Dr. James Foy welcomed the assembly of students and parents, remarking that “Sunrise Drive is a place where students experienced a few firsts as well. Perhaps it is where you made your first painting or read your first book. Perhaps it was at Sunrise that you met your first best friend...the first place that you shared a presentation or project in front of your peers...first places you knew that people, outside of your family members, care for you and want you to grow to be the best person you can be....I feel that it is here at Sunrise, that you have all shown us the first few footsteps of the young adults that you will become....As you continue on your journey of firsts, next year you will all be attending a new school. I know that you may have some nervous feelings, but know that you are moving on to a place that will allow you to continue to grow and mature.”

    After Middle School Principal Tom Murray greeted the incoming Sixth Graders, recognition was given to the Fifth-graders for achieving excellence in academics, physical fitness as well as for outstanding character (see lists below). 

    Dr. Foy offered congratulations to the students and their parents, thanked Sayville administrators, faculty, staff, and Board of Education for their support, and closed by addressing the students: “Many of you have spent the last six years or close to it here at Sunrise Drive. Over that time, you have grown and matured into young ladies and gentlemen. Your independence has grown and so has your sense of responsibility. You have shown us many ways your commitment to service and helping others. I encourage you to continue those things for the rest of your lives.”

    SD County Legislature Presiding Officer • Elle Maslak; SD Suffolk County NY State Comptroller • Skylar Collins, Emily Hodgkinson;  SD Triple “C” • Ethan Etenberg, Aidan Orlando; SD Executive Public Service Award (Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone) • Brendan Meyers; American Citizenship • Ava Cutolo; 3 Rs (Respect for self, others, school) • Ella Holt,  Leah Vanderborgh, Nathaniel Kavanagh.

    Gavin Acker
    Lia Yeon-Hong Bickerton
    Timothy Brady
    Skyler Collins
    James Erickson
    Andrew Faraci
    Sophia Furno
    Luca Hart
    Daniel Holahan
    Ella Holt
    Samantha Larkin
    Tyler Madison
    Elle Maslak
    Jessica Menze
    Brendan Meyers
    Nadia Moosa
    Melanie Sharkey
    Marissa Stephan
    Trey Tellier
    Liliana Yoder

    Quinn Babcock
    Kaylee Cummings
    Ava Cutolo
    Mia DeSimone
    Ethan Entenberg
    Emily Helbock
    Owen Hinteman
    Emily Hodgkinson
    Sophia Montalto
    Elijah Osik
    Olivia Tusso
    Benjamin Young

    Mullane Baumiller
    Timothy Brady
    Mia DeSimone
    Ethan Entenberg
    Sophia Furno
    Ella Holt
    Daniel Lahmann
    Madeline McKillop
    Brendan Meyers
    Morgan Reese
    Faith Roben
    Marissa Stephan
    Leah Vanderborgh
    Delaney Walters