Cherry Avenue Moving Up


    Welcoming everyone to the 2017 Moving-Up ceremony, Principal Dr. Lisa Ihne acknowledged parents, family, friends, and administrators present making particular mention to “thank Dr. Schartner for his thirty-nine years of service in the Sayville School District and congratulate him on his retirement and extraordinary career. He will certainly be missed. Congratulations to Dr. Stimmel who will be the next Superintendent of Sayville Public Schools.” 

    Dr. Ihne continued by praising the students. “Since our Fifth- graders have been in Second grade, I have enjoyed getting to know them and their families. These students, in particular, have proven to be respectful, kind, and hard working. As much as I would like to keep them longer, it is time to move on to a new building, where exciting and challenging times lie ahead.” Dr. Ihne turned to address the Moving-Up class. “Students, I am confident that you will take memories of Cherry Avenue with you and I am happy that the education you received to date has been the foundation for your learning. It is my hope that you will set goals, follow your dreams, remain positive, and persevere through the challenges ahead.”

    Thanking all the parents for their trust and for being part of their children’s education, Dr. Ihne recognized those parents who were moving up as well. After, she introduced Middle School Principal Mr. Thomas Murray, who assured the incoming Sixth-graders they will enjoy the Middle School experience. This was followed by the presentation of the special awards (see below), Moving-Up Certificates, and the Annual Fifth-grade Class Gift, a “Peace Pole,” that will be installed in The McLary Garden that was newly named in honor of Cherry’s retiring green thumb and speech teacher, Patty McLary.

    Before the ceremony closed, the entertainment included a charming slideshow prepared by the parents, followed by several musical numbers from Moana, beautifully paraphrased and directed by Kristi Woerner, Cherry Avenue’s Music teacher.

    SPECIAL AWARDS: CA New York State Comptroller • Courtney Corcoran, Caitlyn Schutte, Avery Lazarus; CA County Legislature Presiding Officer • Jack D’Andrea; CA Triple “C” • Josiah George, Kate Leigh-Manuell; CA Executive Public Service Award • Abigail Cabrera; Kemper Awards • Tyler Sebor, Lily Coan; Cameron Riccomini Scholarship Award •Delaney Lutz; Cherry Good Choice Award • Kylie Person; Suffolk Zone Award • Eilise Marino, Luke Hansen.

    Evan Cook
    Courtney Corcoran
    Lily Corcoran
    Emma Dean-Stahl
    Kate Leigh-Manuell 
    Abigail Cabrera
    Avery Lazarus
    Kylie Person
    Kieran Rosica
    Jack D’Andrea
    Genevieve Frawley
    Delaney Lutz
    Joseph Malossi
    Caitlyn Schutte
    Emily Watters

    Josiah George
    Michael Laterza
    Faith Cummings

    Luca Berlingieri
    Courtney Corcoran
    Emma Dean- Stahl
    Luke Hansen
    Kate Leigh-Manuell
    Michael Luce
    Delaney Lutz
    Eilise Marino
    James Marino
    Allison McDonnell
    Michael McGuinness
    Logan McNamara
    Aislinn Parrott
    Savannah Perez
    Kylie Person
    Matthew Reina
    Keiran Roscica
    Caitlyn Schutte
    Danny Sullivan

    Julian Arena
    Travis Behm
    Molly Brady
    Abigail Cabrera
    Gia Caiazzo
    Kyla Canterella
    Rylee Chichester
    Maya Christiansen
    Lily Coan
    Evan Cook
    Lily Corcoran
    Faith Cummings
    Jack D’Andrea
    Patrick Dolan
    Sean Folks
    Dominic Franzese
    Genevieve Frawley
    Grace Gaebarino
    Giovanna Grataski
    Aly Hoenes
    Joseph Malossi
    Devin Miller
    Nicholas O’Brien
    Erin Parrott
    Kyla Ricevuto
    Fallon Santoro
    Corrinne Schick
    Tyler Sebor
    Emily Waters
    Zachary Watson
    Carter White