Breakfast of Champions Spring 2017

  • Starting the Day Off  Right With Breakfast of Champions

    The Spring 2017 Celebration

    It’s the most important meal of the day, “they” say, but at Sayville High School, the semiannual Breakfast of Champions–a fifteen year tradition–is important for other reasons. It is a time to stop and take note of those students who through their positive conduct have made a difference in the lives of others and provided the essential components for a successful High School Community.

    During her words of welcome to the twenty-three 2017 Spring Breakfast of Champions recipients and their families, Assistant Principal Jillian Makris acknowledged that  “…these students aren’t here because of one solitary act that they have performed. They are here for their daily contributions. These are the students who truly help to make up the moral fabric of our school community. They’re driven by an innate set of values and they are always striving to be their best…not simply in school work or a grade on the transcript, but really in life as human beings.”

    The deserving Champs were nominated by Sayville High School teachers and staff and recognized for consistently demonstrating qualities of kindness, humility, motivation, compassion, enthusiasm, diligence, and good citizenship beyond the classroom or athletic field or for achieving their personal best by striving to overcome major obstacles.

    After each staff personalized his or her appreciation for a particular recipient (see comments below), each student received a Breakfast of Champions certificate and plaque created with their portrait on a Wheaties Box background.

    The heartwarming Breakfast ended with a tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs’ n cheese, French Toast, bacon, sausage patties, fresh fruit bowl, assorted bagels  and rolls that  were served up with a smile  by the Sayville Food Service. And special thanks go to the members of the Sayville String Quartet and Mr. Ari Kramer for the lovely musical interludes.

    Congratulations to following:

    Breakfast of Champions

    Nominated By

    1.      Olivia Anderson

    Ms. Psilakis

    2.      Ariana Annarumma

    Ms. Dashiell

    3.      Edward Annunziata, Jr.

    Ms. Berotti

    4.      Anna Brennan

    Mr. Recker

    5.      Sarah Bunk

    Mr. Kramer

    6.      Ava Bustamante

    Ms. Rizzo-Shore

    7.      Daniela Conte

    Ms. Kremer-Parrott

    8.      Valentina Contreras

    Ms. VanDorn

    9.      Marissa Dionisio

    Mr. Guercio

    10. Michael Earvolino

    Ms. Thelian

    11. Kiera Golon

    Ms. Censoplano

    12. Matthew Kinahan

    Ms. Skahill

    13. Taylor Lauri

    Ms. Walsh-Ahrens

    14. Ryan MacDevitt

    Mr. Shaw

    15. Jennifer Marciano

    Mr. Dillon

    16. Joshua Minutello

    Ms. Galea

    17. Mary Mulligan

    Ms. Sznitken

    18. Joshua Ojeda

    Ms. Thomas

    19. Lorenzo Pensabene

    Ms. Hart

    20. Maggie Schroeder

    Ms. Giannico and Ms. Janke

    21. Ian Surdi

    Ms. Dashiell

    22. Tyler Tuskan

    Ms. Gray

    23. Mary Elizabeth Wissemann

    Ms. Thelian

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