State-Aid SHORTFALL Has BIG Impact

  • State-Aid Shortfall Has BIG Impact In Sayville

    The latest State Aid numbers—released yesterday—will cause a greater shortfall in Sayville School District’s Proposed School Budget this year.

    This reduction in NYS aid of $231,111, plus the reduction in last year’s aid of $657,977, proves that New York State continues to push its responsibility to fund public education onto the Sayville taxpayers.

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    With this $2,746,932 reduction in aid due to GEA, Sayville will have a higher GEA reduction in the 2014?2015 Budget than the city of Syracuse ($2,549,504)!

    Note: Since the Governor imposed the Tax Cap Levy, Sayville has kept within the Cap. As a result of these shortfalls, this will be the first year Sayville will have to pierce the Cap to maintain our excellent educational program.

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