2017 National Junior Honor Society Induction

  • The 2017 National Junior Honor Society Induction

    Celebrating its thirty-second induction ceremony, the Sayville Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society recognized the achievements of seventy-eight Middle School students.


    The NJHS is the leading organization that recognizes exceptional middle-level students who have successfully demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character throughout their Middle School years. In addition to demonstrating these exemplary qualities, each student had to maintain an average of 95 or above for four quarters and was required to submit a letter of application.

    The Sayville Middle School inductees and their families were welcomed to the evening ceremony by NJHS advisor Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews and Middle School Principal Thomas Murray while the current society members assisted with the traditional proceedings. After the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Alex Petruzzelli, select NJHS members enumerated one-by-one the five attributes necessary to qualify for the induction:  Michaela Re read about scholarship, Conor McGrath explained service, Chris Zender described leadership, Laniee Buck defined character, and Kaitlyn Menze clarified citizenship, while Jordan Milo lit the corresponding (electric) candle.

    In addition NJHS members Hannah Blaskiewicz, Corinne Entenberg, Sarah Gover, Dominique Rinaldi, Elizabeth White, and Elizabeth Yoskowitz called each inductee by name in alphabetical order to take the stage and receive their award certificates and handshakes from Mr. Murray and Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews.

    After the certificates were awarded, current NJHS member Angela Keane led the inductees in the NJHS Pledge.

    Closing the ceremony with parting words, both Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews and Mr. Murray expressed their confidence in the inductees’ ability to maintain their academic standing and be engaged in community-service projects or activities throughout the school year. Congratulations to the following students (see list below).


     7th Grade National Junior Honor Society Members

    Michael                 Argenziano

    Callaghan               Babcock

    Noelle                   Bartolotta

    Zachary                 Beach

    Annie                     Bench

    Joseph                  Benedetto

    Matthew               Bonfanti

    Elizabeth              Bossert

    Kate                      Cassidy       

    Miles                     Cataldo

    Molly                     Clark

    Keira                     Collins

    Evan                      Como

    John                      Corcoran

    Brooke                  Dubay

    Ava                       Eriksen

    Samantha              Ferrara

    Patrick                  Folks

    Madison                 Galaris

    Brett                    Geffner

    Colin                      Gover

    Caroline                 Gozaloff

    Ava                       Gross

    Sarah                    Hinteman

    Jose                      Jaimes

    Kayla                     Kane

    Eva                       Kosak

    Katrina                  Kranzle

    William                  Kretz

    Thomas                  Liguori

    Devin                    Lillis

    Brigid                    Manning

    Olivia                    Massey

    Elisa                      McGuinness

    Riley                      Mercorella

    Anthony                 Mesi

    Jordan                  Messina

    Catherine              Meyers

    Gabriela                 Meza

    Cecelia                  Micelli

    Chad                      Moccio

    Maggie                  Mongiello

    Joseph                  Moosa

    Rylie                      Mullaney

    Miikka                   Nelson

    Sarah                    Newman

    Daniel                    O’Doherty

    Kerry                    O’Donoghue

    Anthoula                Paloubis

    Alayna                   Pavao

    Andrew                 Person

    Jack                      Quinlan

    Gianna                   Racanelli

    Christopher           Racioppi

    Jude                     Ramsaywak

    Sarah                    Ramsundar

    Allison                   Reilly

    Olivia                     Reiss 

    Angelina                Sagginario

    Sophia                   Sanchez

    Kathryn                 Schroeder

    Swati                    Sheth

    Reese                    Skelly

    Shayla                   Smith

    Samuel                  Smith

    William                  Streek

    Kristin                  Vahle

    Sam                       Verdone

    Juliet                    Wessels

    Brooke                  Wilkens

    Natasha                Yajadda


     8th Grade National Junior Honor Society Members

    Rhyan                    Christiansen

    Jenna                    Guerra

    Ashley                   Luffman

    Linda                     McAuliff

    Nicole                    Moccio

    Emily                     Steffens

    Samantha              Young