Mentoring Kicks Off

  • A Meeting of the Mentors and Mentees

    Recently, while enjoying a morning treat, Sayville High School students and faculty convened for the Kick-off Breakfast of the Peer and Adult Mentoring program. The purpose of the Mentoring Program, organized by the High School Student Assistance Counselor Martha Kahan, is to help students who can benefit from more individualized support find positive ways to acclimate within their surroundings.  Meeting thirty minutes, once a week throughout the school year, the Mentors-Mentees will share quality time engaged in conversation or playing games. 

    At this year’s Kick-off breakfast, a total of forty students and five adults met to begin the yearlong association between mentors and mentees. “Many students had been in the program last year,” Ms Kahan said, “so they were probably more comfortable, but overall I would say the new 9th graders seemed to connect to their Peer Mentors nicely.”