10 Years Filling Empty Bowls

  • Still Filling Empty Bowls for Ten Years


    The Empty Bowls fundraiser, as part of National Hunger Awareness Month (October), has enjoyed a ten-year tradition in Sayville Schools. Sponsored by the art department under the direction of John Verschure, Debbie Urso, Jen Berotti, Evan Hammer, and in conjunction with the Sayville School Employees Charitable Foundation, Empty Bowls was a feast of tossed greens,all-you-can-eat homemade soups, and scrumptious deserts generously supplied by Sayville faculty, students, families, and such local merchants as Crickets, Koi Sayville, and Off the Block (see full list below).


    For the price of a $10 ticket/donation, patrons were able to pick hand-crafted bowls—there was an artistic array of ceramics designed by the students and faculty—that were dish-washer and microwave safe while enjoying good food and great company. For ten years the Empty Bowls soup/salad dinner fundraising event has been feeding more  than just dinner guests. Thanks to the generosity of those who attended this year, Empty Bowls collected over $1000 for the Greater Sayville Food Pantry and other local charities.


    Hammer’s Hot Chili Courtesy of Evan Hammer

    Roasted Onion and Garlic Soup Courtesy of Doug Shaw * Vegetarian

    Chicken Noodle Soup Courtesy of John Verschure

    Sweet Potato Bisque Courtesy Of Jen Beroti * Vegetarian *Dairy Free

    Cream of Potato Courtesy of Mrs. Stoll-DePompeo

    Garden Salad Courtesy of Tiffany Trava

    Beef Noodle Courtesy of Abigail Brendum

    Chicken Chili Courtesy of Mr. Pace

    Cream of Broccoli Courtesy of Mrs. Dufrenoy

    Beef Barley Courtesy of Joan verschure

    Potato Soup Courtesy of Mrs. Crowe

    Potato Soup Courtesy of Mrs. Schinlar

    Fresh Salad Courtesy of Crickets

    Miso Soup Courtesy of KOI Sayville

    Sweet Corn Chowder Courtesy of Off the Block