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GEA Ends State Aid Restored

  • Sayville Schools Thanks Croci, Boyle, and Garbarino for Restoring State Aid

    The Sayville School District wished to acknowledge the tremendous support of our local legislators Senator Tom Croci, Senator Phil Boyle, and Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino. Their advocacy in Albany, along with the concerted efforts of determined educators, school organizations, board members, parents, and taxpayers, restored  $1.7 million in state aid to Sayville School District, ending the revenue losses caused by the Gap Elimination Adjustment. As the result of this restored aid, the Sayville Board of Education voted at a recent BOE meeting to give back to the taxpayers through reductions both in the homestead tax by -.8% and the nonhomestead tax by -4.01%.

    “I would like to thank Senators Boyle and Croci and Assemblyman Garbarino,” Sayville Superintendent Dr. Walter Schartner said, “for working closely with the Sayville School Community. Their support has allowed us to lower taxes in Sayville. We look forward to working with them in the future to benefit the Sayville residents.”

    To convey those thanks in person, Dr. Schartner invited the legislators to the recent School District’s Board of Education meeting where Senator Croci, Senator Boyle, and Assemblyman Garbarino were recognized and awarded BOE citations  in appreciation for their diligence and service. 

    Having been one of the many voices among his fellow board members to protest the GEA,  Sayville Board of Education President John Verdone spoke highly of this important achievement in restoring state aid  after so many years. “On behalf of the Board of Education I would like to once again thank Senator Croci, Senator Boyle and Assemblyman Garbarino for the restoration of GEA to the taxpayers of Sayville and their continued support to the education of our children.”

    With the restoration of state aid for the 2016-2017 academic year, Sayville School District has been able to decrease taxes and still enhance programs for providing our students with exceptional educational opportunities while preparing them for college and career.