2016 Middle School Moving UP


    As the Seventh-grade Orchestra played the march, the Middle School Class of 2016 filed into the auditorium. Once all two hundred thirty members of the eight-grade class had assembled, the program opened with the National Anthem, powerfully sung a capella by a very talented Nicolette Furno whose performance raised thunderous cheers and applause  from the audience.

    Principal Thomas Murray welcomed everyone to the celebration that recognized “the accomplishments of your children. They have exhibited outstanding academic discipline and personal integrity.”

    Along with enumerating the class statistics (see below), he praised them for their outstanding attributes. “As Eighth graders, you have more opportunities at your fingertips …Technology has evolved at a rate that I could have never imagined.  When I was in middle school, a typewriter was considered new technology.” He reminded the students of the responsibility and consequences of this new technology, stating, “It is how you use this technology that counts. Will you use this technology to spread kindness and raise people up or will you use this technology to insult people and bring them down. It is how you treat people that will have the greatest impact on the world. You have the power of the technology and you have the power to change people’s lives for good. I have the utmost confidence based on what I’ve seen and heard over the last three years that you will choose to raise people up. You will choose to make people’s lives brighter.”

    Quoting Ronald Reagan: “Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation.” Mr. Murray explained, “You will have opportunities beyond anything we’ve ever known. Sacrifices have been made by the generations before you to give you these opportunities. Remember those that have and those that continue to sacrifice so that you may have a world of endless opportunities.”
    In closing, Mr. Murray thanked the students for three wonderful years. “Your foundation for success has been built by your hard work and the support of your parents and teachers.”

     Directing the students to stand and face their parents, Mr. Murray congratulated “the Moving-up Class of 2016 and the future graduating Class of 2020!”

    2015-2016 8th-GRADE 
    ALGEBRA Samir Patel
    ART 8 Hailey Decker 
    Studio in Art Arden DeCanio 
    BAND Anthony Ward
    CHORUS Shaun Gibbons
    COMPUTERS Tyler Karpowicz
    ENGLISH Lilia Bartolotta
    FRENCH Catherine Doyle 
    LIFE SCIENCE Tara Donohue 
    MATHEMATICS 8 Taylor Maddy
    ORCHESTRA Caitlin Reilly   
    PHYSICAL ED. (BOYS) Brock Murtha
    PHYSICAL ED. (GIRLS) Mary Vermilyea
    SOCIAL STUDIES Steven Devery
    SPANISH Angela Earvolino
    TECHNOLOGY Harry Berg 
    Cameron Riccomini Scholarship Bailey Lillis
    Erin Halliday-Duffy Sunflower Scholarship      
    Eric Antos, Lilia Bartolotta, Shaun Gibbons,
    Isabella Harris, Nicholas Ryan
    NYS Attorney Triple C Award  Caitlin Reilly & Pablo Abad-Herrara 
    SC Executive Award Lilia Bartolotta
    NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Award  Mary Vermilyea & Alexa Vargas

    Girls Sportsmanship Bailey Lillis
    Boys Sportsmanship Kevin Gross
    School Leadership Marissa Dionisio
    School/Community Service Angela Earvolino   
    Academic Improvement Mary Catherine Mulligan

    STATISTICS In this new era of academic rigor, the Moving-Up Class of 2016 has risen to the challenges and have excelled. Out of 230 students:
    • 87 students took the Algebra Regents; 50% with a mastery rate—100% passed.
    • 94 students took the Living Environment Regents; 87% with a mastery rate—100% passed.
    • 220 (96% of the class) students have met the requirements for a high school foreign language credit.
    • 65 students have taken and passed the High School Studio in Art Class, which is 28% of the class.
    • 96% of the Class is leaving with 1 High School Credit
    • 41% of the Class is leaving with 2 High School Credits
    • 38% of the Class is leaving with 3 High School Credits
    The Arts
    • Our Music Program has competed around the country. Nyssma students performed solos receiving top honors. One student was selected to represent Sayville in the Long Island String Festival. Eleven students were selected to be part of the scmea All-County band/chorus/orchestra groups.  Thirteen students achieved an A-plus rating, the highest rating, for their nyssma solo. Three musicians received smba grants. One student received a LISFA scholarship. The music department participated in a practice- athon, raising over $700 for the Harry Chapin Food Pantry.
    • Our teams have competed hard and have enjoyed success. There have been many undefeated seasons as well as Section XI Sportsmanship Award winners.

    community service
    • For the past three years, we have had over 200 Presidential Community Service Winners – serving 20,000 hours of community service
    • You raised money to beat cancer, support our soldiers, feed and clothe the needy, and collect toys, making Christmas a little brighter.

    You have an impressive resume of accomplishments. Wherever you have traveled as a class you have always have made people feel welcomed and loved.  You have shown compassion, courage, shared your joy, and have exhibited integrity.  This will be your legacy at SMS.