Cherry Avenue Moving UP


    Principal Dr. Lisa Ihne welcomed everyone to the 2016 Cherry Avenue Moving-Up ceremony which marked the “end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one” and which celebrated past accolades and anticipated future accomplishments. “It has been a privilege to know the students and serve as their principal,” Dr. Ihne said. “They are a well-mannered, hardworking, and compassionate group of students, well prepared for the next phase in their education. I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one...and as much as we would like to keep them longer, it is time for them to move on to the Middle School.” 

     Thanking all the parents for their trust and for being part of their children’s education, Dr. Ihne recognized those parents who were moving up as well. “Congratulations to those parents as you move on; it has been a pleasure having you as a part of our Cherry Avenue family.”

    After announcing, “we are proud of you. You will be missed,” Dr. Ihne introduced Middle School Principal Mr. Thomas Murray, who assured the incoming Sixth-graders they will enjoy the Middle School experience. This was followed by the presentation of the special awards, Moving-Up Certificates (see below), and the Annual Fifth-grade Class Gift, a “Buddy Bench”—to promote friendships—presented by the Fifth-grade Committee.

    Before the ceremony closed, the entertainment included a delightful slideshow prepared by the parents, followed by two musical numbers Walk With Me and Five Years Old (a paraphrased and retitled version of Seven Years by Lukas Graham) written and directed by Kristi Woerner, Cherry Avenue Music teacher.