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2016 Sayville Players AWARDS


    The annual Sayville Players Induction & Awards Ceremony has always been a great departure from “normal,” perhaps because the Players are accustomed to expressing their creative sides (often with props) in the traditional passing of the slate of officers from the outgoing to incoming.

    This year was no different.  The outgoing officers blended comedy with a bit of nostalgia and gave witty advice to their newly elected successors. In addition, award recipients (see right) were announced in recognition of accrued “points” for time and performance commitments. The ceremony concluded with Lori’s Song* sung by this year’s Lori Abrams Memorial Drama and Music Award* Winner Eileen Monahan. Her beautiful voice created a very moving tribute. Congratulations all!

    *Established in 2001 by former Sunrise Drive teacher Judy Abrams in honor of her daughter, a SHS graduate, the Scholarship Winner is recognized for significant contributions in both drama and music. A perpetual plaque is displayed in Sayville High School commemorating the recipients of these awards. Additionally, Mrs. Abrams said: “This year’s award was dedicated in memory of a former Cherry Avenue music  teacher Carol Lounsberry, made possible in part by her former student Linda Larson Walbrun, as an expression of gratitude. ‘Miss Lounsberry saw bright spots in me that the others didn’t see.’”

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