At the HS National Honor Society Induction...

  • 2016 Sayville High School’s NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Inducted 94

    It was an impressive number. At the National Honor Society Induction ceremony this spring, ninety-four Sayville High School students were recognized for maintaining a 94.5 weighted average throughout their High School careers as well as for demonstrating the highest NHS attributes throughout their various co-curricula and extra-curricula activities.

    Founded in 1953 upon the principle that “true education creates a well- rounded individual,” membership into the August E. Hubel Chapter National Honor Society may have scholarship as the first criteria, but each of the Sayville candidates’ applications had to pass the rigorous examination for examples of leadership, character, and service in order to qualify for induction.

    Opening the ceremony, NHS Faculty Advisor Kevin Recker, welcomed, thanked and applauded the parents for their supportive roles while acknowledging the tremendous achievements of the young men and women.

    “Sayville High School confers no higher academic honor on a student body,” Principal Ron Hoffer said in his address, “than membership into this remarkable organization…. In addition, we look for individuals who have integrity, honor, and take pride in what they represent. We are pleased to announce that the inductees here have met, and in many cases, far exceed these criteria.” After thanking the parents for serving as the role models for the “outstanding and remarkable group of young adults,” Mr. Hoffer also acknowledged the “commitment and dedication” of the Superintendent, Central Administrators, Board of Education, High School faculty, and staff.


    During the induction ceremony, the Class of 2016 NHS officers formally explained the importance of the NHS attributes of scholarship, leadership, character, and service in their lives. However, when handing over their office to the incoming members from the Class of 2017, they added their personal, glowing remarks about the qualifications of their successors, assured that the Society was in capable hands.


                                                Class of 2016                        Class of 2017

    President                      Kaitlyn Ross                        Francis Reilly

    Vice President             Emily Sneddon                   Gianna Fraccalvieri   

    Treasurer                      Lara Hirsch                         Isabella Giovan

    Secretary                      Elizabeth Pigott                  Emily Llewellyn

    Historian                      Christine Guinessey           Ryan Muscarella



    Each student was called up by name and joined the inductees gathered on the stage where all were recognized by the assembly. Congratulations go to the following: 

    1.   Elizabeth Acierno                               

    2.       Kelsey Alber

    3.       Ryan Alexandersen

    4.       Batsheva Apelbaum

    5.       James Baio

    6.       Sarin Baldante

    7.       Sean Barry

    8.       Kaylee Basil

    9.       Laura Boehm

    10.    Anna Brennan

    11.    Allyson Bricker

    12.    Aidan Brophy

    13.    Sarah Bunk

    14.    Andrew Cameron

    15.    Emma Cannetti

    16.    Mary Cascio

    17.    Jack Coan

    18.    Maria Colon

    19.    Taylor Corwin

    20.    Emma Davis

    21.    Lauren DeSimone

    22.    Aidan Dillon

    23.    Michael Earvolino

    24.    Kristen Eichele

    25.    Brendyn Erlanger

    26.    Dillon Esposito-Kelley

    27.    Alec Fox

    28.    Gianna Fraccalvieri

    29.    Isabella Giovan

    30.    Julianna Giovan 

    31.    Abigail Good

    32.    Caitlin Gormley

    33.    Sonja Greves

    34.    Philip Gunther

    35.    Brenda Hanley

    36.    Jakob Hellman

    37.    Luke Hession

    38.    Chase Hofmann

    39.    Jason Intermesoli

    40.    Robert Kacinski

    41.    Angelina Keller

    42.    Taylor Kobel

    43.    Danielle Koster

    44.    Cassandra Kroll

    45.    Gabrielle Krupa

    46.    Alexa Laskowitz

    47.    Sarah Laterza

    48.    Alexander Leyboldt

    49.    Emily Llewellyn

    50.    Isabella Lombardo

    51.    Megan MacFarlane

    52.    Jordan Maddy

    53.    Jennifer Marciano

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