Science Resarch

  • Award-Winning Results for Jared Bergen’s Intel Project


    When Jared Bergen presented his research project Geospatial Analysis of Cetacean Distribution and Habitat Utilization Related to Prey Density and Sea Surface Temperature off the Long Island Coastline, New York at the Long Island Science & Engineering Fair (Intel Division) in March, he won First Place in the Animal Sciences category. This win entitled Jared Bergen to compete in the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair held in Phoenix, Arizona in early May.  During that second competition against 1,760 students from 77 nations, Jared’s research project again earned high accolades, with Second Place in the Animal Sciences Division.


    Jared’s success is the result of his extremely hard work and thorough research skills, along with some propitious connections. First, Jared’s research was based upon data donated by Coastal Research & Education Society of Long Island (CRESLI) and second, Jared learned GIS in the Stony Brook University ACE Course taught at the high school by his R.I.S.E. teacher Maria Brown.


    Mentored by both Mrs. Brown, who is also the Vice President of CRESLI and by Dr. Arthur Kopelman, President of CRESLI and long-time Sayville resident, Jared produced authentic research that provided support for extending the Georges Bank Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary westward to the Long Island coastline.  Since 1981, they have been observed utilizing the Long Island coastal waters as a feeding area for their calves. These whales are currently listed as Endangered by IUCN according to a study conducted between 1989 and 2015.


    Jared also proposed that during the construction phase for the proposed offshore wind turbines that measures be taken to mitigate disturbing the dolphins and whales that utilize this habitat during the summer months.


    This wonderful combination of source and skills led to Jared’s award-winning results. At the Grand Awards Ceremony in Arizona, Jared  was informed that in addition to a scholarship that he will receive, he will also have an asteroid named after him by NASA! Jared also received the Irwin Wissner Conservation Award, the Ricoh Sustainable Development Award, and the Arizona State University Rob & Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives Award at LISEF.