Wining First in Science Competiton

  • Turn That Bean Around!

    Congratulations to Cherry Avenue’s Joseph Malossi, a Fourth Grader in Mrs. Kelly Cummings’ class, who won First Place in his age group at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Science Fair Competition. Joseph was awarded a medal for his intriguing project: "Turn the Bean Around.” In addition, Joseph brought home the Science Fair 2016 banner that will put on permanent display at Cherry Avenue.


    Joseph explained his winning science project --


        My science project is called “Turn the Bean Around”.  The objective of my experiment is to find out how plants will grow when we spin them.  We spun the bean plants for 21 days and charted our progress every week, and we used a turntable to spin the plants. I found that after about 19 days The plants were starting to grow toward the center of the disk they were glued on to. And not only that, but we saw that along with the plants growing toward the center, the roots were growing outward.  So in conclusion, the plants on the turntable grew according to centrifugal force instead of gravity.