Trash to Treasure

  • One Man’s Trash is a Kindergartener’s Treasure (At least at Lincoln Avenue)




    For Lincoln Avenue Kindergarten students, lessons about recycling were more than just learning how to dispose of trash properly. The students in Mrs. Caltabiano, Mrs. Gonzalez and Mrs. LoCurto’s classes had been learning to reuse and repurpose the recyclables in creative ways. At the recent Lincoln Avenue Recycling Fair, families were invited to see how.




    With smiling faces, the students proudly demonstrated for their guests the colorful art or the musical instruments they had fashioned out of plastic bottles and cans as well as cardboard, string, nails, and tape. Among the musical instruments created from discarded materials were assorted guitars, drums, maracas, and wind instruments like kazoos, and flutes, each as distinctive as the individual who designed it.




    The Fair was followed by Kindergarten Musical Review entitled directed by music teacher Christine Cirillo and performed by all three classes.  “Look What I can Do” a thoroughly entertaining reprisal in song sharing all the wonderful academic lessons they have learned so far this year.




     “My favorite part,” Mrs. Klein admitted, “was watching Mrs. Gonzalez’s class sing Green Jelly Bean. I’ve heard my daughter practice it the weeks leading up to it. It was nice to see the whole song performed. The kids sang beautifully.” 




    Mrs. Gonzalez’s kindergarten students summed up the opinion shared by all the classes,  “It was the best day ever!”