Shiny Heads Warm Hearts

  • Shiny Heads, Warm Hearts



    Using his head to raise money for cancer research, Sixth-grade Middle School student Kenny Corrao encouraged his friends to make a small sacrifice for kids with cancer.  Recently at the Bluestone Tavern in West Sayville, he and twenty-two others participated in a  St. Baldrick’s fundraiser by having their heads shaved. 


    From their website: “St. Baldrick’s head-shaving events began as a challenge between businessmen and have grown over the years, raising critical funds for childhood cancer research. Events take place in pubs, restaurants, schools, churches, parks, malls, military bases, firehouses and any other place you can imagine….  St. Baldrick’s is committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long, healthy lives.”


    The twenty-three boys from Sayville schools who raised over $12,000 for this worthy cause are to be congratulated:



    1.       Andrew Watson

    2.       Nicholas Watson

    3.       Zachary Watson

    4.       Brendan Dargis

    5.       Chris Travaglia

    6.       Cole Grandfield

    7.       Conor Cameron

    8.       Daniel Ayrovainen

    9.       Dylan Tomforde

    10.   Ethan Alcantara

    11.   Evan Cataldo

    12.   Francesco Soccoli

    13.   Jack Corcoran

    14.   Jack Smalley

    15.   James Marino

    16.   Jared Levine

    17.   Joseph Kolczniski

    18.   Joshua Carpenter

    19.   Kenny Corrao

    20.   Kylie Finn

    21.   Michael -Argenziano

    22.   Miles Cataldo

    23.   Nolan May