Oscars Offer Lessons in Public Speaking

  • Amid Glamour and Glitz, OSCAR Ceremony Offers Lessons in Public Speaking


    For their Oscar-winning performances in the classroom, Cherry Avenue Third-grade students were recognized at the Annual Oscar Awards by their thrilled teachers and adoring public—families.

    Before the show, all the celebrities paraded onto the red carpet and struck glamorous poses while the photographers snapped pictures and onlookers cheered. Similar to the actual Oscar nominees, the excited students were dressed to the nines:  the dapper gents were decked out, some sporting jackets and ties, hats and cool-looking shades, while the ladies were absolutely lovely in their flowing gowns, glittering wraps, feather boas, tiaras, and “fine” jewelry.  More dazzling were the winning smiles on the faces of the students when they spotted family members in the crowd.

    The annual Oscar event has entertained students and families for years, but its real purpose has been to help the students develop a sense of confidence and to promote public speaking, thereby fulfilling the New York State Standards. 

    This year was no different. The extravaganza opened with a musical number by composer Mike Wilson’s “Enjoy the Show” conducted by Cherry Avenue’s enthusiastic music teacher Kristi Woerner. The Third-grade performers showcased great musicality that delighted the audience. Getting down to the business of distributing awards, Hostess of Ceremonies Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry welcomed the nominees and guests to the ceremony with wit and warmth, recognized the special award recipients,*  and enumerated all the reasons why these hardworking Third-graders were “Oscar worthy.”  Mrs. Batterberry also announced the categories of winning attributes, and along with “Academy” Assistants Mrs. Andria Flynn and Mrs. Karen Donnelly, congratulated the students whose successful efforts undoubtedly made them all stars.

    Every student was called up to receive a trophy and to give an acceptance speech that included expressions of “surprise for earning the award” and “thanks” to mom and dad and assorted family members and their fellow students who nominated them. One particular recipient stated that he had been looking forward to winning an Oscar “since first grade,” but all showed great poise and modesty as they accepted their awards. By the end of the ceremony, each student clutched a golden statuette for a successful achievement while all parents beamed with pride.

    * Along with Oscar recognition for Principal Dr. Lisa Ihne and Musical Director Kristie Woerner, a very special award was given to the retiring school nurse Leslie Cillis for her dedication and commitment to keeping Cherry Avenue students healthy.  Mrs. Cillis mentioned that her four years at Cherry (a total of fourteen in Sayville) have been the “highlight of her thirty-eight years as a nurse.”

    Congratulations to all! The following Oscar-worthy students enjoyed the Cherry Avenue Red-Carpet Treatment on February 26, 2016:

    Here are the winners from class 3-Batterberry:

    Best Screenplay Leo Mongiello and Kate Von Boxel

    Leading Lady Adria Vargas and Emma Lanizilotta

    Best Set Design: Emily Finn, Ava Sanchez and Mikey Sands

    Math Action Star: Meredith Brennan, Richard DelGiorno and Emilie Berg

    Outstanding Behavior: Julianna Weinfeld and Taylor Carpentieri

    Best Supporting Speller: Lily Baldante and Christopher Capriotti

    Best Leading Attitude: Carly Strining and Lauren Smalley

    Best Director: Lucy Vermilyea and Micheal Caporaso

    Best Script: Ava Vadyak

    Leading Man Kevin Dolan, Nicholas Razzano, Jack Higgins

    Director’s Asstistant: Courtney Malone


    Here are the winners from class 3-Flynn:

    Best Leading Attitude: Sadie King, Trinity Ricevuto

    Outstanding Behavior-Victoria Elderbaum, Jake Schollenberger

    Best Set Design: Stathi Paloubis, Isabella Romanelli

    Best Supporting Speller: Michael Amato, Rachel Weibke

    Math Action Star: Grace Nolan, Andrew Minerva

    Best Script: Harlem Salvi, Mia Lombardo

    Leading Man: Shay Plitt, Nick Watson, Brett Coffey

    Director's Assistant: Elle McCormack, Jake Hall

    Best Screenplay: Logan Maha, Kaitlyn Monahan

    Leading Lady: Sabrina Entin, Emma Travaglia

    Best Director: Katerina Michaelides, Erin Costa


    Here are the winners from class 3-Donnelly:

    Best Leading Attitude: Gianna Perrucci, Chris Spatenga

    Outstanding Behavior in Classroom Role: Olivia Delaney, Maddie Egan

    Best Director (Reading): Madden Breunig, Matthew Luffman

    Best Set Design (Art): Sofia Cangelosi, Jasmine Evans

    Best Supporting Speller: Kylie McGrath, Ella Treco

    Math Action Star: Joey Connor, Jolie Whalen

    Best Script (Handwriting): Isabella Lundquist, Michael Philp

    Director's Assistant (Good Helper): Steven Barton, Dylan Cataldo

    Best Screenplay (Writing): Olivia Moynihan, Madison Lang

    Leading Lady: Lucy Livingston, Abby Streek

    Leading Man: Charlie Duplessis, Alex DelGiorno