2015 Fall Breakfast of Champions

  • Fall 2015 Breakfast Honors Character

    For consistently demonstrating exemplary character with positive conduct, twenty-three High School students, nominated by Sayville High School teachers and staff, received recognition at the Fall 2015 Breakfast of Champions.

    Within Sayville High School, “these students can be identified by their smiles, by their respectfulness, by their humility, and most importantly, their empathy for others,” said Assistant Principal Jillian Makris in her opening remarks to welcome the honorees, their families, and staff who nominated them.

    Sharing a brief anecdote,  Mrs. Makris explained that she had wanted all the students gathered in her office before she notified them of the honor. As the students began to arrive, they remained very quiet. “You could hear a pin drop. I said, ‘Guys, relax! Don’t worry. Talk. Everybody will be here soon.’ No one said a word. And then when I finally said, ‘You’ve all been nominated to be a Breakfast of Champion,’ there was a collected sigh of relief. So, it just goes to show how unassuming they are, and that’s humility.”

    During the ceremony, District faculty and staff members called upon each recipient one-by-one and shared their appreciation with personalized messages,*  at which time each student shook hands with Principal Ron Hoffer and received a Breakfast of Champions certificate and plaque created with their portrait on a Wheaties Box background.

    After, everyone enjoyed a satisfying breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, bagels, and pancakes along with assorted beverages, donated by Lovin’Oven, which perfectly completed the heartwarming ceremony.

    Special thanks go to Assistant Principal Jillian Makris who organized and hosted the morning ceremony, the technology department for making the plaques, and Mr. Ari Kramer and his chamber students who provided the soothing musical ambiance.

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    Congratulations to the following:

    James Baio, Lara Beth Hirsch, Jillian Brudi, Nicholas DiBene, Noelle Dufrenoy, Ava Herrera, Cory Levy, Andrew Liberato, Brigid Lipari, Gabriella Martucci, Madison May, Gabriella Medeck, Michaela Medeck, Dodley Noel, Jaclyn Parcelluzzi, Emily Perun, Brian Reilly, Morgan Remhild, Destiny Rivera, Gabriela Sartoretti, Adonis Ventura, Jack Wissing, Daria Zeman