Cultural Exchange between School Districts

  • Warming Up with A Cultural Exchange Program between School Districts


    For educators, creating a climate of constructive collaboration can go a long way at addressing diversity. As part of a Cultural Exchange program to bridge diversity on Long Island, forty Leadership Club students at Sayville High School welcomed forty Amityville students who were invited to spend a portion of their school day participating in classroom lessons and school-related activities at Sayville High School.


    After the Sayville Leadership Club greeted members of The Warrior Awareness Club (aka as the WAC PAC) at the main entrance, everyone enjoyed a breakfast reception, followed by successful “ice-breaker” activities. Once the Sayville and Amityville students paired up, the Sayville students took their counterparts to classes. Later, they all reconvened for a large  Thanksgiving-style feast  prepared by the Leadership Club organizers that commingled students from different geographic, cultural, and socioeconomic perspectives and allowed them  to unwind and share stories and experiences.


    Both the WAC PAC and Leadership Club members expressed positive feedback about their day and look forward to the club’s visit to Amityville in Spring. The success of last year’s exchange and this year’s visit have encouraged Leadership Club advisors Jennifer Wittman-Cahill and Angela O’Hoppe along with The Warrior Awareness Club advisor Jason McGowan to continue on their mission of closing the cultural gaps and all it has to offer in the future between the two districts!


    The following Leadership Club members from Sayville High School participated in our Cultural Exchange Day:

    Isabela Abad, Sarin Baldante, Amanda Ballan, Harrison Bench, Michael Castagna, Brady Dolan, Mark Doucet, Nicole Farese, Caitlin Fawcett, Meghan Fawcett, Isabella Giovan, Anna Harris, Megan Havranek,Chase Hoffman, Kelsey Hughes, Samantha Johnson, Michelle Kontryn, Emily Llewellyn, Kelly Marra, Madison May, Lauren McNeill, Melanie McNeill, Michaela Medeck, Griffen Mills, Amanda Minutello, Kimberly Monitto, Dodley Noel, Ryan Rafferty, Shannon Rey, Conor Riccomini, Jaycee Rodman, Caroline Rupp, Gabriela Sartoretti, Hunter Schenkel, Sarah Sherard, Jake Sheridan, Gabby Thornton, Calista Tomasetti, Fay Vail, Daria Zeman.

    Amityville Cultural Exchange Students 2015

    Ruben Fernandez, Taj Edley, Sandra Banegas, Rene Hernandez, Larry Haave, Desmond Long, Sam Thompson, Anjelia Skye Cortes, Jose Coto, Ashley Hermann, Isiah Davidson, Joselyn Umana, Elyjah Kerlegrand, Jihad Morgan, Alisha Alexandre, Quanisha Alexandre, Christina Dexter, Carmen Mori Millet, Kenya Morgan, Jamori Walrond, Meghan Jacobsen, Tianna Rookwood, Nicolas Dognies, Frankie Pryz, Cindy Ayala, Alijah Benymom, John Jack, Ashley Wilson, Krystian Hobson, Nia Dennis, Ashley Colas, Jaylynn Jones, Bertha Ati, Berlin Ati, Jaimie Ruiz, Angela Cruz Kimberly Bonilla, Allison Martinez, Lesly Preza, Tereza Perez.