Compassion Through Helping Hands

  • Suffolk County High School's Compassion Without Borders is on target to meet its goal of “breaking down district barriers and coming together to create a common good.” Since its inception, CWB has reached out to students from school districts within the entire county to join forces and spread compassion.

    Suffolk County High School's Compassion Without Borders recently held a conference at Smithtown High School East where students met to discuss and share information and ideas about leadership. Attending this conference were members of Sayville High School student government Payton Sweeney, Alyssa Hald, Olivia Boucher, Allie Coia, Lily Hynes, Brigid Lipari, Morgan Remhild, Noelle Dufernoy, along with advisors LynnAnn Perlin and Katherine Van Dorn.

    Inspired by the camaraderie they enjoyed at the conference, the students returned more enthusiastic than ever to share what they learned with their peers.