Winners on and off the field

  • Winners—on and off the field

    “No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.” Abraham Lincoln


    Although technically not part of the team, Jacob Feldman was an invited guest at the Suffolk County Championship Pre-Game Breakfast with the Sayville Golden Flashes on Sunday, November 22, 2015. The breakfast, hosted by the Sayville Booster Club and held at the Sayville Fire Department, has been a long-standing tradition. This year, however, Football Booster Club parent Michelle Galante thought Jacob’s presence would be a welcomed addition, especially because Jacob and the Football team had formed a bond of friendship during the daily football practices with a sing-a-long of the National Anthem. It was this companionship, born from such a kind, spontaneous gesture “when no one was looking” that not only demonstrated the fine character of the team players, but touched so many people when the word about their uplifting routine spread.


    During the breakfast, Jacob was presented with a white Sayville Football sweatshirt by team Captains Liam Bailey, Nicholas Casazza, and Jack Coan. After, Jacob signaled his “teammates” to line up for the sing-a-long of The Star Spangled Banner, with Booster Club’s family members joining in song.


    Following the breakfast, the team headed over to Stony Brook University for the Suffolk County Championships, and Jacob with his family joined them.


    “After winning the title of SUFFOLK COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP,” Mrs. Galante explained, “our boys recognized Jacob, proudly wearing his Sayville Football Sweatshirt, in the stands. They immediately removed their helmets, faced toward Jacob and broke out in unison to sing once again The Star Spangled Banner. These boys,” Mrs. Galante added, “are amazing young men, and we are so proud of them both on and off the field.”


    Jacob’s mother Alice expressed how impressed she was “by these boys, both on and off the field. Immediately after they won, they sang the National Anthem with Jacob,” adding the quote:  “No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.”


    While the Long Island Championship game this Sunday is still to be determined, the team has proven they are winners where it counts—in their hearts.

    Three photos on this page:  two of players on the field with helmets removed and one with Jacob in white sweatshirt are courtesy of Timothy Butler Photography and Image Production

    Two photos on this page: in the firehouse and the sunset are  courtesy of Michelle Galante.

    The video of Jacob is courtesy of Michelle Galante.