R.I.S.E. -ing to the Occasion

  • R.I.S.E.-ing to the Occasion

    Already this year, our R.I.S.E. students are rising to the challenges of their scientific research, reported Sayville High School Science Research Teacher Maria Brown. 


    Sayville students Nicole Farese and Jahan Rahman, who participated in the High School Science Research Program this past summer at Brookhaven National Laboratory presented their research in Berkner Hall at the Poster Session showcase on November 5, 2015. Invited to attend the Poster Session were families, friends, teachers, administrators, and scientists from BNL. 


    Sayville Senior Nicole Farese’s research: The Calibration Study for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Metrology Fixtures, focused on determining the amount of strain needed to apply a force that will cause charged coupled devices (small lenses that will make up the large telescope lens) to be completely smooth.  This force is necessary as each small lens must fit perfectly together to maximize the functionality of the whole lens, which will outfit the largest telescope in the world!


    Sayville Junior Jahan Rahman evaluated the geospatial models generate by Nicholas Cowan last year to locate and analyze coyote scat to determine relatedness between coyote's that have taken up residency on BNL's property. To date, no coyote have been confirmed to utilize the property at BNL. 

    Sayville Superintendent Dr. Walter Schartner attended the poster session and congratulated Nicole and Jahan for their important research contributions and for participating in the poster session.