Enterprising Students

  • Sayville High School Students Present at

    Virtual Enterprise International Business and Entrepreneurship Leadership Conference


    The new class offering, Virtual Enterprise International (VEI), was only launched in September at Sayville High School, but the students in both Mr. Chad Cross’ and Mr. Bryan Coon’s classes quickly coordinated and prepared to showcase their business savvy at the VEI Business and Entrepreneurship Leadership Conference held in early October.

    “Both Mr. Cross and I are teaching separate VEI classes.” Technology/Business Department Chairperson Bryan Coon explained about the new course offering.  These two classes are independent of the other “with the students in each class starting up a totally different type of business.” This year, the two VEI companies were Ohana Surfboard and a 24/7 Meals.

    At the conference, a representative from the two Sayville “firms” gave a 30-second “elevator pitch” (a short summary used to quickly and simply define a process, product, service, organization, or event)   before an audience of over one-thousand business leaders, college administrators and professors, high school teachers and students in the Tilles Center for the Performing Art at LIU Post. For Mr. Cross’s VEI class, Hunter Bauland (12th grade) spoke as the Chief Operating Officer of Ohana Surfboard Company. He explained in his pitch that the Sayville based company designs and manufactures surfboards, sells them on their company website, and will ship globally at a flat rate. For Mr. Coon’s class, Jack Saracino (12th grade) was the Chief Executive Officer from the firm 24/7 Meals and gave his 30-second elevator pitch  to explain the offerings and benefits of the virtual firm he represent

    “Both students did a terrific job delivering 30-second “elevator pitches,” Mr. Coon said. “It was an invaluable learning experience for both classes. I was very impressed and proud of both of our firm speakers,” Mr. Cross added.

    These enterprising students have just begun to explore their business options with the new Virtual Enterprise International. See below for the description from the High School Program of Studies below:



    Virtual Enterprise International is a course that allows students to experience, in a simulated business environment, every aspect of a business, including human resources, accounting, production, distribution, and marketing and sales. This workplace simulation class enables students to understand how managers, employees, workgroup teams, and departments interact with each other and work together for the success of the company. The Virtual Enterprise class allows students to experience all the facets of being an employee in a simulated business setting.   They are involved in every aspect of the business including human resources, accounting, product development, production, distribution, marketing and sales. Students engage in virtual trading with 3,000 other virtual firms throughout the world. This course also provides students with hands-on-skills for life-long employability, up-to-date technical and supportive resources and inclusion of technology into all business courses, opportunities for real world application of student’s skills, and coordination and integration with other academic areas.

    *This course carries dual credit towards the high school diploma, and for a fee, 6 college credits in Business from Farmingdale State College. Participating students are considered non-matriculated undergraduate students at Farmingdale State College.

    Available to students in grades 9-12 

    (College credit is only available to students in grades 10-12, freshmen who complete the course may retake it for college credit by participating in a different position within the virtual company).

    Full Year - 1 credit