County, State, National Acclaim

  • All-County, All-State, and All-National

    Congratulations to the following Sayville High School students (and Alternates) who were selected by virtue of their highest scores for NYSCAME All-County:




    Savannah Votino

    Jillian Brudi

    Jamie Baio

    Sean McNally



    Bridgett Pitre

    Nick Burkel



    Mark Doucet

    Rebecca Kranz

    Amanda Minutello

    Matthew Tomko

    Francis Reilly

    Isabella Giovan

    Julianna Giovan


    During last spring's Solo and Ensemble Festivals throughout the State, thousands of music students auditioned for the honor of participating in the NYSSMA All-State Conference in Rochester, New York in December 2015. Congratulations to the following students who qualified for All-State:



    James Baio - Mixed Chorus

    Emily Osterloh - Electronic Music

    Joseph Panzerino - Electronic Music   

    Alex Jones - Electronic Music

    Savannah Votino - Mixed Chorus

    Julie Giovan  - (Alternate)  Band

    NAfME All-National All-National:

    Jillian Brudi - Mixed Chorus

    Nick Burkel - Orchestra

    Sean McNally - Videographer


    Of special note: Sean McNally is the first student, not only the first Sayville High School student, but the first student ever  invited by the associate director for NAFME  to document the experience of NAFME’s National Conference and All-National Honor Ensembles Concert through the eyes of a music student.This honor was the result of Sean's a music video for a contest held by the National Association for Music Education (NAFME) which showcased Sayville High School’s Orchestra and Chorale performing a song by the Country singer, RaeLynn.